Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Year So Far.

It was been a quite eventful year so far. The hardwood floor situation has been resolved, but now Keeper is concerned about heat. Alas, solving problems before they occur has never worked out so well for her, so I have been encouraging her to focus on other, more pressing concerns.

Such as my new condition. I have kidney issues and require much attention now. I might also add that it is very good that keeper has a good job now.

My new requirements:

1) Prescription food.

2) One big ass capsule to be snuck into me in some way once per day.

3) Two smaller pills to be snuck into me in some way twice per day.

4) 150 cc's of IV treatment to be administered subcutaneously every other day. No re-using of the needles.

Oh, but I am sooooo worth it.