Friday, February 29, 2008


I am a kitty cat and I like my routines. Lately, things have been changing at too fast a pace for me. The weather seems different and the sun lasts longer. Keeper has not been around as much, and when she is, she is distracted. The kitty cat puke is still drying by the bed, and my litterbox still requires attention.

I am out of sorts.

At least the continuous feeder remains out.

I hope things return to normal soon. Except for the claw clipping. We can skip that.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Taboo Subject Has Been Brought Up In The Comment Section...

...and rather timely, I might add.

I am just going to say it straight out: Kitty Cat Puke.

It happens. Any cat who says it does not is dealing with some hardcat denial.

In fact, since I am feeling confessional today, I will admit to having thrown up last night sometime in the wee hours right next to keeper's bed. And yes, her bare foot did make contact with it while making the bed this morning. Although she does deserve it for making the bed and ruining a perfectly bunched up comforter, it really wasn't the best morning for this sort of thing to happen to her. She was running late, and the puke is still drying out and getting crusty right by the bed. As if she does not have enough on her plate what with all the drama at her work. My litterbox is in need of some attention as well.

However, aside from the puke issue, I was a very loving feline companion to keeper yesterday evening and all through the night with my snuggles and the loving kitty gazes I have perfected throughout the years.

I will rest up for tonight by taking a long afternoon siesta in the late afternoon sun that shines through the bedroom window and leaves long patches of sunbathe-worthy light on my beloved comforter.

Purrs to all, and to all a puke-less night!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Today I have ordained myself with the moniker: Technicat. I have learned how to google, and how to set my blog to accept anonymous comments. Please be nice, as I am only a kitty. A kitty with claws.

I must keep this short today as keeper will need a lot of attention when she returns from work, and my energy requires conserving in order to do so at the level to which she has become accustomed. She just found out today that her boss, the nicest boss she has ever had (which has made my life more pleasant in ways too numerous to list), is leaving her company as of today and her abandonment issues are flaring.

So I will now proceed to buckle up for what I can only assume will be a rather bumpy night.

I wish I was more genetically prone to enjoy catnip in times like these...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Litterbox Confessions

I was a little irritated with the keeper last night, as she was late coming home from work, and when she did get home, she paid me very little attention.

So, I kicked a few extra litterbox kibbles onto the bathroom floor for her this morning, in hopes she would step on them in her bare feet. I find it amusing when this happens. Not sure why. But I mean, if it's good enough for my bare paws, why isn't it good enough for her bare feet, hmmm?

But alas, I was thwarted. She took the little brush and pan she keeps next to the litterbox and swept everything up. I prefer it when she is distracted or lazy and allows these things to slide.

Well, morning sun-basking time has come to an end and I am off to burrow underneath the comforter on the (made) bed for the rest of day. I have a very tight schedule.

PS: I need fresh water, and that pisses me off. I mean, she has time to sweep up litterbox kibbles, but then no time to give me the fresh water I require to maintain optimal bladder health? For shame. Hiss.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Sun Has Returned.

I am happy today because the sun has returned and I can spend the vast majority of the day basking in it.

Therefore, today's post will be short.

That is all.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oh, happy day! (or morning at least...)

So, this morning was great! The keeper was up early, but she did NOT make her bed. She does not seem to understand that I prefer the bed unmade, because then I can burrow into the folds of the comfy comforter and purr my way into oblivion all. day. long.

Unfortunately, she usually comes in about 15-30 minutes after I've settled in, starts tugging at the fabric around me singing some inane song about all kitty kitty cats getting off the bed. Which makes absolutely no sense because I am the only cat in the vicinity, and have been for quite some time. Whatever. Then, I have to get off the bed, and I usually scold her a little while she "makes" the bed (I have no idea why anybody would want to do this). Sometimes, after she leaves me to my own devices, I find a way to burrow back under the comforter, all the while making sure my tracks are covered. It took months to figure out exactly how to do this, but it was worth it. Life is 100 times better under the comforter.

So, without having made the bed this morning, the keeper took her rolled up mat and left for a couple of glorious hours...I went straight for the unmade bed and didn't even come to greet her at the door when she got home because I did not want to waste one precious moment of under-the-comforter time. I am actually posting this from under-the-comforter.

I have a very bad feeling that she is about to 'make' the bed, and worse yet, sing that inane song while doing so. No wonder she is single. And there is not even any sun today to bask in. So the day is about to take a turn for the least I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Naughty Patches

Today was a good day. The keeper was around (unlike last weekend when she abandoned me for 3 days and two nights with only a continuous feeder and large bowl of water to keep me company) and she cleaned my litterbox. So it started out to be a good day.


Keeper was on the couch watching a movie and I kept correcting her and getting in her line of vision so she could be doing the things she was supposed to do: watch me, pet me, tell me how wonderful I am, etc. I do like to help her out when she gets off track. But today she petted my chest and felt a knot in my fur. She tried to ignore both me and it, but it obviously got to her. So she pushed a button and the sound in the room went away, and then she proceeded to the dreaded drawer with the weapons of cat destruction: brush, heinous comb, and claw clippers. She procured the dreaded heinous comb and then called me over ever so nicely. I can't believe I fell for it. She then abused me with the comb until the knot became more attached to the comb than it was to me.

This didn't used to happen. I used take better care if my fur. But I'm retired now and I thought the keeper would be my 401k plan for fur maintenance. The interest has yet to pay off as I'd hoped. This was a bad year to retire.

I would pontificate more, but it is Saturday night and keeper is at home alone. This means I put in double duty as emotional support. Keeper is so draining, I wish she'd deign to go on a date sometimes. Or watch something cheerier than Syriana. But oh well. The litterbox calls...I answer.

Friday, February 22, 2008

I was busy last night...

Last night my keeper had insomnia. That always means a long and difficult night for me. I would just find my position and fall asleep when I would be jostled and accosted with light. The jostling would stop and the light would stay on as the keeper held the kitty cat face scratcher in her hands and stared at it for awhile (I believe the keeper calls this a book). The keeper seems to get annoyed when I use the face scratcher...I never understand this because she is not using it, just staring at it. Humans make no sense to me sometimes.

So now that the keeper is off to work I will snuggle into something warm and catch up on my beauty rest. There is no sun to bask in today, but the continuous feeder is still out so I think I'll be okay.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hello. I am Hollis.

This is my first blog post. I am still figuring out my 'voice'...I need to get past all the mews, hisses and purrs within me so I can hear the voice of my true inner feline. When I get in touch with that voice, I will post what it says here. Today it told me to create this blog, and I think that's all it's going to say for today. Plus, I need a nap.

PS: Yes, ThursdayGirl is my 'keeper'. At least, that's what I allow her to think. Also, the food could be much better.