Monday, April 12, 2010

Sometimes Older Girls Look Better With Short Hair

Not always, but sometimes. Keeper and I have decided that this is one of those times for me. After being furminated a bit too harshly, I have a few bald(ish) spots that are simply unbecoming. So, as soon as this rain stops, Keeper will be taking me to be re-shaved. I look sexy when I'm shaved. (get your minds out of the gutter, all youz nasty boyz!)

In other news, I had a vet checkup and I am holding my own with both my thyroid and kidney conditions, and this is good news. Keeper has had to jump through major hoops to get me cheap Lactated Ringers, but the hoops seem to be successfully jumped through and all systems are go.

I have also been treated to more wet food than usual lately. This has, unfortunately, just made me more demanding, especially in the early morning hours, and now Keeper is re-thinking this. Hmm. Possible tactical error with the early morning wake-up routine. Perhaps I should do some re-thinking myself.

After I nap for a few hours.