Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Bed Shook Last Night & Pissed Me Off.

After tucking in Keeper last night at a reasonable hour with a book, I proceeded to snooze with her a bit and then make my late night rounds. I was already back for my very early morning nap in Keeper's bed when the bed and whole house started shaking and woke me up. Keeper sat up in bed, but the shaking stopped and while it seemed like she considered getting out of bed and checking the interwebz, in the end she just went back to sleep.

Well, not me. I could not even consider getting back on that big, shaking monstrosity so I retired to the couch and my favorite (and recently laundered) blanket and settled in for the rest of the night. But I couldn't sleep. I think it was the shaking mixed with the fact that even though things seem relatively normal, the schedule seems to have changed slightly. Like everything is happening sooner than I feel like it should.

Man, I need a good cat-nap.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Am Gorgeous And Have Lots Of Fur.

It's true. I spent a good part of 2009 with much less fur than comes naturally to me. I was even, dare I say it...sexy. I looked like a go-go dancer at one point, and seriously considered a late-in-life career switch.

I also very much enjoyed the low-maintenance aspect of the new fur situation. I swallowed much less fur while grooming and had more time to contemplate higher-level thoughts. (side note: higher level thoughts are overrated)

But it has been a rainy, cooler winter and all my fur has returned. I am told that, when it begins to warm up, I will once again look like a go-go dancer. Well, maybe just the fleece blanket look again cuz the go-go dancer look was a bit on the exteme side and I am old, for goodness sake.

Oh, and Jill thinks I have beautiful eyes. She's correct. I do.