Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Am Gorgeous And Have Lots Of Fur.

It's true. I spent a good part of 2009 with much less fur than comes naturally to me. I was even, dare I say it...sexy. I looked like a go-go dancer at one point, and seriously considered a late-in-life career switch.

I also very much enjoyed the low-maintenance aspect of the new fur situation. I swallowed much less fur while grooming and had more time to contemplate higher-level thoughts. (side note: higher level thoughts are overrated)

But it has been a rainy, cooler winter and all my fur has returned. I am told that, when it begins to warm up, I will once again look like a go-go dancer. Well, maybe just the fleece blanket look again cuz the go-go dancer look was a bit on the exteme side and I am old, for goodness sake.

Oh, and Jill thinks I have beautiful eyes. She's correct. I do.

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Jill Davis Doughtie said...

It's so important to be aware of one's assets! It was very nice to meet you Hollis.