Friday, July 30, 2010

Time for my lazy, hazy summertime post.

So far the summer weather has been pretty mild, compared to other years. I cannot relax yet, however, because Septembers can be downright evil in the hot weather category. And I fear we've been immensely spoiled this July with the extra helpings of June gloom, so I fear punishment may be knocking on my catbox soon. I do have my sexy go-go dancer lion cut, so I am relatively prepared.

Speaking of haircuts, I have developed a rather troubling habit when it comes to these beauty treatments. I have connected with my inner demon while at the salon and expressed it as a rather extreme version of cage rage. This cage rage includes losing control of my elimination facilities, and is not so pleasant for the hairdresser. Keeper must tip her well.

I sleep a lot and sometimes find ants in my food. Keeper must remain vigilant with these evil little things.

Keeper has also hinted about getting me a pet. A Horton Plains Slender Loris, all of my very own. Maybe she'll even have her own blog, to blog about what it is like to have ME as her keeper. That would be grand.

Off to enjoy my summer paperbacks before the realities of Fall kick in in about a month and send me back to school where I have to be serious and responsible. Oh no, wait, that is Keeper's problem. I never have to be serious or responsible. Awesome. Nap time.